See You Tammorra

The Robin Hood is very excited to welcome back ‘See you Tammorra” for another foot stomping night of Italian folk music. The last time they were here the place filled out so much that people literally had to dance on the tables, so get here early to claim a space on the dance floor!

A little about the band:

If you are ever wondering what the heck “tammorra” means, you are ready to start a mesmerising trip through the soundscape of Southern Italy traditional dances.

Tammorra is the typical Neapolitan tambourine used to pace their energetic and fascinating traditional music: Tammurriata. See you Tammorra will lead you through these ancient tunes and we bet you will crave to dance and won’t be able to stop moving your body at these enchanting rhythms! Then, we’ll navigate you on the opposite coast of Southern Mediterranean Sea, in Puglia, where you will glide in a whirlwind of unusual yet archaic dances, such as Pizzica and Tarantella. Our folk music is still alive, enduring nowadays in thousands of festivals and fairs that, especially during summer, bring to life city squares and villages sprinkled along the Mediterranean coasts: in this folk and playful atmosphere, tradition and modernity merge together to create a new sonority.

Love stories from XIX century peasants will be narrated in music by the enrapturing Mirella’s voice, supported by Carlo’s dynamic tambourine, the vibrant solos of our virtuoso violinist Lucia, the bright melodic touch of Michele’s mandolin, Dominga’s solid rhythmic riffs at the guitar and the trenchant harmonics of Angelo’s accordion.

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