Sunday Lunch

We are sorry to announce that we have now stopped serving Sunday lunch until September.

Tuesday Real Ale Night

With a selection of cask ales available for just £3 a pint, Tuesday nights at the Robin Hood are your chance to look like the generous hero we all know you are. Safe in the knowledge a round won’t hurt your pocket, the phrase, “don’t worry guys, I’ve got this,” can be declared with sneaky confidence. You’re welcome. We’re constantly on the lookout for the weirdest and most wonderful brews Bristol has to offer, so whether you pop in for one or stay for the duration, you’re in for a treat.

Wednesday Quiz

I hope you’ve all been revising! Don’t worry, this is a test you can’t fail, but if you come top of the class you will be rewarded with £50 worth of drinks. Professor Chris Cowan* will be testing your intellect from 8pm every Wednesday, and if you’re one of those popular kids thats good at all that socialbook face-media stuff then you could also win yourself a free bottle of wine. *Chris Cowan is in no way a professor… he may not have even gone to school!